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Āŏnĭa , ae, f., = Ἀονία.
I. A part of Bœotia, in which are the Aonian mountains, Mount Helicon, and the fountain Aganippe, Serv. ad Verg. E. 6, 65; 10, 12.—Also in gen. for Bœotia, Gell. 14, 6.—Hence,
II. Derivv.
A. Āŏnĭdes , ae, m. patr., an Aonid, i. e. Bœotian; of the Theban Eteocles, Stat. Th. 9, 95.—
B. Āŏnis , ĭdis, f. patr., a Bœotian woman; hence, in the plur.: Aonides, the Muses, as dwellers by Hellcon and Aganippe (cf. Aonia), Ov. M. 5, 333; 6, 2; Juv. 7, 59.—
C. Āŏnĭus , a, um, adj., of or belonging to Aonia, i.e. Bœotia (purely poet.), Aonian, Bœotian, Ov. M. 3, 339; 7, 763; 12, 24 al.—Hence, Aonius vir, Hercules, a native of Thebes, Ov. M. 9, 112: “juvenis,Hippomenes, id. ib. 10, 589: “deus,Bacchus, id. A. A. 2, 380: “Aoniae, aquae,Aganippe, id. F. 3, 456.—Also, an epithet of the Muses (cf. Aonis), and of objects that have reference to them, Ov. F. 4, 245; id. Tr. 4, 10, 39; id. Am. 1, 1, 12; id. A. A. 3, 547; Stat. Achill. 5, 1, 113 al.
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