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ăquārĭus , a, um, adj. aqua
I. Of or relating to water: “rota,for drawing water, Cato, R. R. 11, 3: vas, Varr L. L. 5, § 119 Müll.: provincia, i.e. Ostiensis, * Cic. Vatin. 5 al.—Hence,
II. Subst.
A. ăquārĭus , ii, m.
1. A water-carrier: venit et conduc tus aquarius, Juv 6, 332.—
2. A conduitmaster (in aqueducts, etc.), an inspector of the conduits or water-pipes: cum tabernariis et aquariis pugnare, Cael. ap. Cic. Fam. 8, 6, so, AQVARIVS AQVAE ANIONIS, Inscr. Orell. 3203.—
3. The Water-bearer, one of the signs of the zodiac, Gr Ὑδροχόος: cervix Aquarī, Cic. Arat. 56; 172; 176: “inversum contristat Aquarius annum,Hor. S. 1, 1, 36.—
B. ăquārĭum , ii, n., a wateringplace for cattle, Cato, R. R. 1, 3.
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