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Ărīcĭa , ae, f., ancient town of Latium, in the neighborhood of Alba Longa, upon the Appian Way, now La Riccia; acc. to Verg. A. 7, 762 (v. II. infra), named from the wife of its founder, Hippolytus. Near it was a grove consecrated to Diana, in which at a very early age human victims were sacrificed; “hence, immitis,Sil. 4, 369 (cf. Nemus and Nemorensis), Plin. 19, 6, 33, § 110; Mart. 13, 19; Hor. S. 1, 5, 1; Sol. 2, p. 13; cf. Mann. Ital. I. 633; Müll. Roms Camp. 2, 147-189.—Hence,
B. Ărīcīnus , a, um, adj., pertaining to Aricia, Arician: “regio,Mart. 10, 68: “vallis,Ov. M. 15, 488: “nemus,Flor. 1, 11, 8.—Subst.: Ărīcīni , ōrum, m., the inhabitanls of Aricia, Liv. 2, 14.—
II. Personified, a nymph, the wife of Hippolytus and mother of Virbius, Verg. A. 7, 762.
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