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assĕvērātĭo (ads- ), ōnis, f. assevero.
I. An earnest pursuit of any thing; hence,
A. Of discourse, a vehement assertion, affirmation, asseveration: “omni tibi adseveratione affirmo,Cic. Att. 13, 23: confirmatio est nostrorum argumentorum expositio cum adseveratione, Auct. ad Her. 1, 3; so Quint. 4, 2, 94; 11, 3, 2; Plin. Pan. 67; Tac. A. 6, 2; 4, 42; 4, 52.—
B. In Tac., of actions, a persevering earnestness, vehemence, rigor: “igitur multā adseveratione ... coguntur patres, etc.,Tac. A. 4, 19: “accusatio tamen apud patres adseveratione eādem peracta,id. ib. 2, 31.—*
II. In the old gram. lang., a strengthening part of speech, a word of emphasis: “adiciebant et adseverationem, ut heu,Quint. 1, 4, 20: (adseverat heu, dum miserabili orationi ipsius, qui dicit dolorem, adjungit, Spald.).
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