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assŭē-făcĭo (ads- , B. and K., Halm., Weissenb., Dinter), fēci, factum, 3, v. a. assuetus, use or accustom to something, to habituate, inure; constr., in Cicero's time, with abl.; later, with dat. or ad, with in with abl., and with inf. (cf. assuesco).
b. With dat.: “operi,Liv. 24, 48: “corvus adsuefactus sermoni,Plin. 10, 43, 60, § 121; so Val. Max. 8, 7, ext. 15: “parvulos probitati, modestiae,Tac. Or. 29: “non luxui aut voluptatibus,id. A. 12, 5: “quorum moribus,id. ib. 12, 10: aliquem lanificio, Suet. Aug. 64.—
d. With in with abl. (eccl. Lat.): “homo adsuetus in verbis,Vulg. Eccli. 23, 20; ib. Jer. 2, 24.—
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