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audĭentĭa , ae, f. audio,
I.a hearing, a listening to something; audience, attention; mostly in the phrase, audientiam facere, to cause to give attention, to procure a hearing.
I. Lit: exsurge, praeco; fac populo audientiam, i. e. command silence, * Plaut. Poen. prol. 11: Illi praeco faciebat audientiam, Auct ad Her. 4, 55, 68; “audientiam facere praeconem jussit,Liv. 43, 16: “quantam denique audientiam orationi meae improbitas illius factura,Cic. Div in Caeeil. 13, 42; so id. Sen. 9, 28; id. de Or. 2, 80, 325: “tribuere,to give a hearing, App. M. 3, p. 131, 14: “praebere, Cod. 7, 19, 7: impertiri,ib. 2, 13, 1.—
II. Meton.
A. The faculty of hearing, hearing, Prud. στεφ. 954. —
B. The ears (abstr. for concr.), Arn. 3, p. 117; 5, p. 178.
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