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cūdo , ĕre,
I.v. a., to strike, beat, pound, knock (rare and only ante-class., and in postAug. prose).
I. Prop.: “aurum pilis,Plin. 33, 4, 21, § 69 (v. Sillig N. cr.): “semina,to beat out, thresh, Col. 2, 10, 14; Lucr. 1, 1044; 4, 187.—Prov.: “istaec in me cudetur faba,” i. e. I must smart for that, Ter. Eun. 2, 3, 90 Don.—
II. Transf. (of metals), to prepare by beating or hammering, to forge; of money, to stamp, coin: “plumbeos nummos,Plaut. Most. 4, 2, 11: “argentum,Ter. Heaut. 4, 4, 18: “anulum,to make, Quint. 9, 2, 61.— *
B. Trop.: “quas tu mihi tenebras cudis?forge, prepare, Plaut. Ep. 3, 4, 40.
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