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candĭdātus , a, um, adj. candidus, like albatus, atratus, from albus, ater.
I. In adj. uses,
A. Lit., clothed in white (only in Plaut. and in post-Aug. prose; “Cic., Hor., and Plin. use albatus): aequius vos erat Candidatas venire hostiatasque,Plaut. Rud. 1, 5, 12: “mastigia,id. Cas. 2, 8, 10; *Suet. Aug. 98; Prud. στεφ. 1, 67.—
B. Trop.: “farinulentā cinere sordide candidati homunculi,App. M. 9, p. 222, 33; cf. candido.—
II. Subst.
A. candĭdātus . i, m., a candidate for office, because clothed in a glittering white toga; cf. Dict. of Antiq. (class. and freq.).
1. Lit.: “praetorius,a candidate for the prœtorship, Cic. Mur. 27, 57: “tribunicii,id. Q. Fr. 2, 14 (15), 4; Liv. 4, 6, 10: “consulatus,Plin. Pan. 95 fin.; Suet. Caes. 24; id. Aug. 4: “aedilitatis ac mox praeturae,id. Vesp. 2: “quaesturae,id. Tib. 42: “summae equestris gradus, i. e. praefecturae,id. Galb. 14: “sacerdotiorum,Sen. Ben. 7, 28, 2.— “From their obsequious demeanor towards the electors, called officiosissima natio candidatorum,Cic. Pis. 23, 55: “improbitati irasci candidatorum,id. Mil. 16, 42: “aedilitas alicui candidato data,Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 14, § 37: “candidatus Caesaris,a candidate especially recommended by Cœsar, Vell. 2, 124, 4; cf. Suet. Caes. 41; id. Aug. 56; Tac. A. 1, 15.—Hence prov.: “petis tamquam Caesaris candidatus,” i. e. certain of the result, Quint. 6, 3, 62.—In the time of the emperors: “candidati Principis,quœstors appointed by the emperor himself to read his speeches and rescripts, Dig. 1, 13; Sid. Ep. 2, 80; cf. Tac. A. 16, 27; Suet. Aug. 65; id. Tit. 6.—
2. Trop., he who strives after or aims at a thing, a candidate or a claimant of something (post-Aug.): “candidatus non consulatus tantum, sed immortalitatis et gloriae,Plin. Pan. 63, 1: “majus est opus atque praestantius, ad quod ipse (sc. orator) tendit, et cujus est velut candidatus,Quint. 12, 2, 27: “Atticae eloquentiae, id. prooem. § 13: crucis,” i. e. soon to suffer crucifixion, App. M. 1, p. 108: “aeternitatis,Tert. Res Carn. 58: “philosophiae,Symm. Ep. 1, 41.—
B. candĭdāta , ae, f., one who seeks or solicits an office, a candidate (rare and postAug.): “sacerdotii,Quint. Decl. 252 fin.
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