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con-clāmo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. n. and
I.a., to cry or call out together.
I. (Con subject.) To call or cry out together or in a body (hence often joined with omnes, universi, pariter, omnes pariter, Liv. 34, 61, 8; Curt. 5, 13, 5; 8, 11, 22; 10, 17, 3), to shout, esp. in approbation or assent (class. in prose and poetry).
B. In partic.
1. Conclamare ad arma, milit. t. t., to call to arms, to give the signal for an attack, Liv. 3, 50, 11; 7, 12, 3; 10, 32, 9; 41, 26, 2 al.—
2. Conclamare vasa, to give the signal, before breaking up, for packing, i. e. to give the order for decamping (ellipt. for conclamare, ut vasa colligantur), Caes. B. C. 1, 66. In the same sense without vasa, id. ib. 1, 67, and id. ib. 3, 75.—
II. To call together, to call to one's help (very rare): “socios,Ov. M. 13, 73: “duros agrestes,Verg. A. 7, 504. —
III. (Con intens.) Of a single person, to call or cry out loudly or violently, to shout, exclaim (class.).
B. Esp., with aliquem (mortuum), t. t. in the lang. of religion; of the dead, to call repeatedly by name, and lament him seven (acc. to others, eight) days, until his burial (cf. Serv. ad Verg. A. 6, 218; Schol. Luc. 2, 23; “Dict. Antiq. p. 459, a.): ut ex maestis paulo ante domibus, quae conclamaverant suos, procurreretur in vias,Liv. 4, 40, 3: “cum corpora nondum conclamata jacent,Luc. 2, 23: “post conclamata imperatoris suprema,” i. e. after this cry, Amm. 30, 10, 1: “partem conclamare tori,Stat. S. 2, 6, 5.—
b. In gen., to bewail, complain; cf.: “videris immensis conclamata querelis Saxa,Mart. 9, 45, 5.—
c. Prov.: “jam conclamatum est,it is all over, all is lost, Ter. Eun. 2, 3, 57 Don.—Hence,
A. conclāmans , ntis, P. a. (post-class.), noisy: “conclamantissimus fons,Sid. Ep. 2, 2.—
B. conclāmā-tus , a, um, P. a. (post-class.).
A. Published abroad by crying out, i. e. known, celebrated: “conclamatissimus primipilaris,Sid. Ep. 6, 1: “conclamatissimae declamationes,id. ib. 8, 3.—
B. (Acc. to III. B.) Lamentable, unfortunate: “res,Serv. ad Verg. A. 2, 233: “frigus,Macr. S. 7, 5, 26.
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