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consŭē-făcĭo , fēci, factum, 3 (in Ter. Ad. 1, 1, 29; 1, 1, 49, and 3, 3, 60, consue feci, consue facere, consue facio, acc. to Lachm. ad Lucr. p. 409), v. a. consueo, accustom one to a thing, to inure, habituale (rare, and mostly ante-class. for the class. assuefacio).
(α). With ut or ne, Varr. R. R. 3, 9, 15; “in tmesis: consue quoque faciunt, ut, etc.,id. ib. 2, 9, 13: “ea ne me celet, consuefeci filium,Ter. Ad. 1, 1, 29.—
(β). With inf.: “consuefacere filium, Suā sponte recte facere,Ter. Ad. 1, 1, 49; so, Gaetulos, ordines habere, signa sequi, etc., * Sall. J. 80, 2.—*
(γ). Absol.: “nil praetermitto, consuefacio,Ter. Ad. 3, 3, 60.—*
(δ). Pass. with dat.: “consuefieri alicui rei,Jul. Val. Rer. Gest. Alex. M. 3, 18.
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