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calvor , 3,
I.v. dep. a. (access. form cal-vo , ĕre, v. infra; calvio , Are, Serv. ad Verg. A. 1, 720).
I. To devise tricks, use artifice, attack one with artifice, to intrigue against, to deceive (except in Sallust, only ante-class. for the class. calumnior): SI. CALVITVR. PEDEMVE. STRVIT., Fragm. XII. Tab. ap. Fest. s. v. struere, p. 313 Müll.; the same law is fragmentarily mentioned by Lucil. ap. Non. p. 7, 2, and Dig. 50, 16, 233.—
II. In gen., to deceive, delude: me calvitur suspitio, Pac. ap. Non. p. 7, 6 (Trag. Rel. v. 137 Rib.): calamitas arvas calvitur, Pac. ap. Non. p. 192, 32 (Trag. Rel. v. 396 Rib.); Plaut. Cas. 2, 2, 4: sed memet calvor, Att. ap. Non. p. 6, 33.!*? Pass. (cf. calumnior fin.): te vocis calvi similitudine, Pac. ap. Non. p. 6, 29; Sall. H. 3, 78 Dietsch, and Prisc. p. 883 P.
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