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calx , calcis, f. (m., Pers. 3, 105 dub.; Sil. 7, 696; cf. App. M. 7, p. 483 Oud.; Pers. 3, 105; Grat. Cyn. 278. Whether Lucil. ap. Charis, p. 72 P. belongs here or to 2. calx is undecided) [Sanscr. kar-, wound, kill; akin with λάξ, calcar, calceus],
I.the heel.
2. Prov.: adversus stimulum calces (sc. jactare, etc.) = λακτίζειν πρὸς κέντρον (Aesch Agam. 1624; Pind. Pyth. 2, 174; “W. T. Act. 9, 5),to kick against the pricks, Ter. Phorm. 1, 2, 28 Don. and Ruhnk.; cf. Plaut. Truc. 4, 2, 55, and s. v. calcitro: calcem impingere alicui rei, to abandon any occupation: “Anglice,to hang a thing on the nail, Petr. 46.—
B. Meton. (pars pro toto), the foot, in gen.: “calcemque terit jam calce,Verg. A. 5, 324 Serv. and Heyne. —
II. Transf. to similar things.
A. In architecture: calces scaporum, the foot of the pillars of a staircase; Fr. patin de l'échiffre, Vitr. 9, praef. § 8.—
B. Calx mali, the foot of the mast, Vitr. 10, 3, 5.—
C. In agriculture, the piece of wood cut off with a scion, Plin. 17, 21, 35, § 156.
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