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damnātĭo , ōnis, f. id.,
I.condemnation (good prose).
I. Prop.
A. In gen.: “(video) omnes damnatos, omnes ignominia affectos, omnes damnatione ignominiaque dignos illuc facere, etc.,Cic. Att. 7, 3, 5; Cic. Verr. 2, 2, 41: “quid est illa damnatione judicatum, nisi, etc.?id. Clu. 20: “si damnatio ingruit,Tac. A, 4, 35: “certi damnationis,Suet. Tib. 61 al.—In eccl. Lat. esp. of the displeasure of God: “quorum damnatio justa est,Vulg. Rom. 3, 8; 8, 1.—In plur.: reorum acerbissimae damnationes (opp. libidinosissimae liberationes), Cic. Pis. 36; Tac. A. 3, 31 fin.—With gen. of the offence: “ambitus,Cic. Clu. 36, 98; “of the punishment: tantae pecuniae,Cic. Verr. 2, 17, 42.—With ad and accus. of the punishment: “ad furcam,Dig. 48, 19, 28: “hominis ad carnificinam, dei ad poenam sempiternam,Lact. 5, 11, 8; “animarum ad aeterna supplicia,id. 2, 12, 9.—
B. Esp. with reference to the meaning of damnas (v. h. v.): an heir's obligation to pay, Paul. Sent. 3, 6.—
II. Transf., of inanimate things: “apiastrum in confessa damnatione est venenatum,Plin. 20, 11, 45, § 116.
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