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ex-cerno , crēvi, crētum, 3, v. a., sift out, to separate (perh. not ante-Aug.).
I. In gen.: “furfures a farina,Col. 8, 4, 1: “frumenta,” i. e. to cleanse, id. 2, 20, 5; cf.: “caementa cribris,Vitr. 7, 6: “ex captorum numero excretos Saguntinos in patriam remisit,Liv. 28, 39, 10; cf.: “excernere parvos,Grat. Cyneg. 289: “omnem forensem turbam excretam in quatuor tribus conjecit,Liv. 9, 46 fin.—Part. perf. subst.: “excreta tritici,what is sifted out, the chaff, Col. 8, 4, 1; 8, 8, 6.—
II. In partic.
A. To keep apart, keep away: “multi jam excretos prohibent a matribus haedos,Verg. G. 3, 398 Heyne and Forbig. ad loc.—
B. To carry off, discharge (from the body): “venter excernit mollia,Cels. 2, 8: “quae excreturi sumus,id. 4, 1 al.
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