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ex-crŭcĭo , āvi, ātum, 1 (archaic
I.inf. praes. excruciarier, Ter. Heaut. 3, 1, 4), v. a., to torment greatly, to torture, rack, plague (class.).
I. Physically: “perii! excruciabit me herus,Plaut. Mil. 3, 2, 45: “servos fame vinculisque,Caes. B. G. 7, 19, 9; cf.: “(uxores) igni atque omnibus tormentis excruciatae,id. ib. 6, 19, 3: “aliquem vinculis ac verberibus atque omni supplicio excruciatum necare,Cic. de Imp. Pomp 5, 11; cf. “also: hominem ingenuum fumo excruciatum semivivum reliquit,Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 17, § 45: “excruciatus inopiā, Plaut Bacch. 3, 4, 24: ipsos crudeliter excruciatos interficit,Caes. B. G. 7, 38, 9: “frigus nudos excruciabat,Lucr. 5, 1426 et saep.—Comic. Ep. Hunc tibi dedo diem. St. Meam culpam habeto, nisi probe excruciavero, qs. thoroughly torture it, i. e. use it up, make the most of it, Plaut. Stich. 3, 1, 32.—
B. Transf., to force out by torturing, to extort: “re excruciatā,Tert. ad Uxor. 2, 5 fin.
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