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ex-ūbĕro , āvi, ātum, 1, v. n. and
I.a. (poet. and in post-Aug. prose).
I. Neutr., to come forth in abundance, to grow luxuriantly; to be abundant, to abound in.
II. Act., to make full or abundant: “quae favorum ceras exuberant,Col. 9, 4, 5: “materia melior vindemiis exuberandis,id. 2, 15, 5.—Trop.: “Scythae exuberant Persas,” i. e. overwhelm by numbers of immigrants, Tert. Pall. 2.—P. a.: exuberans , ntis.
a. Superfluous: “hoc exuberantis quasi operis, ut, etc.,Quint. 10, 5, 1.—
b. Extraordinary: “pernicitas,Amm. 19, 8, 11. —Hence, adv.: exuberante , superfluously, Cassiod. de Amic. 25, 3.
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