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forsĭtan , adv. contr. from fors sit an; v. fors, A.; cf. also: forsan, fortan, and fortassean,
I.perhaps, peradventure.
I. Usually in principal clauses.
B. With indic. (mostly poet. and in post-Aug. prose; “not in Cic.): forsitan et publica, sua certe liberata fide, in castra redierunt,Liv. 9, 11, 13; 22, 23, 5; cf. Sall. J. 106, 3: “incipies forsitan justus esse rex,Curt. 7, 4, 17: “forsitan non periculosius est tacere quam dicere,id. 7, 1, 37; 4, 14, 20; Liv. 21, 40: forsitan haec aliquis, nam sunt quoque, parva vocabit, Ov. R. Am. 419: “forsitan ventos timebas,id. F. 2, 97.—
II. In dependent clauses (rare), with ut: “neque id facio, ut quibusdam forsitan videor, etc.,Cic. Fam. 1, 8, 2.—With quam: “videor jam liberius loqui debere quam forsitan ipsi velint,Cic. Verr. 2, 2, 4, § 11.—With quod: decrevi ad te scribere, quod forsitan minus ea perspicias, Serv. ap. Cic. Fam. 4, 5, 1.—With cum: “minime consentaneum est, cum bello tuo forsitan vix sufficias,Liv. 10, 18, 3 (but not in Lucr. 5, 610, where the correct read. is forsitan e rosea, etc.; v. Lachm. p. 302).
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