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gĕmo , ŭi, ĭtum, 3, v. n. and
I.a. [Gr. γέμω, to be full; hence].
I. Neutr., to sigh, groan.
B. Poet. transf.
2. In gen., of animals, to utter complaints: feras cum hominibus gemere fecimus, Avien. Fab. praef. fin.; id. 26.—
II. Act., to sigh over, bemoan, bewail any thing (freq. and class.).
(β). With inf. (poet.): “paucis ostendi gemis,Hor. Ep. 1, 20, 4; Stat. Ach. 1, 281: “qui servum te gemis esse diu,Mart. 9, 93, 2: “sane murteta relinqui ... Sulphura contemni vicus gemit,Hor. Ep. 1, 15, 7.
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