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immiscĕo (inm- ), scŭi, xtum, or stum, 2 (archaic
I.inf. pres. pass. immiscerier, Verg. G. 1, 454) v. a. in-misceo, to mix in, intermix, intermingle, blend (not freq. till after the Aug. per.; not in Cic. or Cæs.).
B. Transf., to cling to: “vestis immiscet cutem,Sen. Herc. Oet. 829.—
II. Trop.
B. Esp.
1. To mingle, associate, connect one thing with another: “sortem fortunae regnique sui cum rebus Romanis,Liv. 45, 14, 3 (dub. Weissenb. ex conj. miscuisset).—
2. Se immiscere (immisceri) alicui rei, to take part in, concern one's self with, meddle with: “fero et contionibus et comitiis se immiscere,Liv. 34, 2, 1; cf.: “ne adfinitatibus, ne propinquitatibus immisceamur,id. 4, 4, 6: “ne Philippus rebus Graeciae immisceretur,id. 27, 30, 5: “cum se immiscuissent colloquiis montanorum,Liv. 21, 32, 10: “Fidenati bello se jam ante immiscuerant,id. 5, 8, 6: “se negotiis alienis,Dig. 3, 5, 3 fin.: “se bonis hereditariis,Gai. Inst. 2, 163.
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