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in-culco , āvi, ātum, āre, v. a. in-calco, tread in, tread down (class., esp. in the trop. signif.).
I. Lit., to tread down, ram down: “aliquid,Col. 2, 20, 1: “semen obrutum pavicula,id. 11, 3, 34.—
II. Trop.
A. To stuff, press, or force in: “Graeca verba,Cic. Off. 1, 31, 111: “leviora,id. Or. 15, 50; id. Att. 16, 3, 1; Col. 6, 12, 2.—
B. Trop., mixed or foisted in: “inania verba,Cic. Or. 69, 250: ἀρχέτυπον crebris locis inculcatum et refectum, emphasized by additions, id. Att. 16, 3, 1.— Hence, inculcātē , adv., forcibly (late Lat.); comp.: inculcatius, Aug. cont. Julian. V. 16, 63.
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