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ignesco , ĕre,
I.v. inch. n. (in pass. ignescitur, Laber. ap. Non. 481, 7; Fragm. Com. v. 26 Rib.) [ignis], to take fire, to become inflamed, to burn, kindle (syn.: inardesco, exardesco).
I. Lit.: ex quo eventurum nostri putant, ut ad extremum omnis mundus ignesceret, * Cic. N. D. 2, 46, 118: “lumen capere atque ignescere,Ov. M. 15, 847.—
B. Transf., of color: “purpura et candor et tertium ex utroque ignescens,kindling, breaking into a flame, Plin. 37, 2, 8, § 21. —
II. Trop., to burn with passion, to glow (poet.): “furiis ignescit opertis,Val. Fl. 5, 520: “virgo (Pallas),Sil. 9, 460: pectora, Claud. ap. Eutr. 2, 45: “Rutulo muros et castra tuenti Ignescunt irae,Verg. A. 9, 66: “amor menti, Col. poët. 10, 211: odia,Stat. Th. 11, 525: “vultus sanguine,id. ib. 3, 78.— *
(β). With inf.: “ardore pari nisuque incurrere muris Ignescunt animi,Sil. 13, 180.
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