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in-formo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a., give form to a thing, to shape, form, mould, fashion.
I. Lit. (mostly poet.): “clipeum,Verg. A. 8, 447: “aream,Col. 11, 3, 13: “effigiem,Sil. 17, 525: Martem cerā, Poët. ap. Plin. Ep. 9, 7: “taedas,Claud. Rapt. Pros. 3, 331.—
II. Trop. (class.).
A. To form an idea of a thing, to represent, sketch, delineate: “di ita ignoti, ut eos ne conjectura quidem informare possimus,Cic. N. D. 1, 15: “inanium visorum una depulsio est, sive illa cogitatione informantur, sive in quiete,id. Ac. 2, 16, 51: “virtutem,id. Fin. 4, 16, 45: “atque ego in summo oratore fingendo talem informabo,will describe, id. Or. 2, 7: “ad eum (oratorem) incohandum et informandum,id. ib. 9, 33: “informat adhuc adumbratum indicium filii,id. Sull. 18, 52.—
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