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in-sŏlĭtus , a, um, adj.,
I.unaccustomed, unusual (class.).
I. Act., unaccustomed to a thing; constr. absol., with ad or with gen.
(α). Absol.: cur pudentissimas feminas in tantum virorum conventum insolitas, invitasque prodire cogis? Cic. Verr. 2, 1, 37: “phocae,not accustomed to rivers, Verg. G. 3, 543.—
(β). With ad: “insolitus ad laborem,Caes. B. C. 3, 85.—
II. Pass., unusual, uncommon: “insolita mihi loquacitas,Cic. de Or. 2, 88, 361: “adulescentibus gloria,id. Brut. 81, 282: “verbum,id. Balb. 16, 36: “tumultus,Sall. J. 38, 5: “novum et moribus veterum insolitum,Tac. A. 12, 37: “laus,Quint. 8, 3, 4: “labor,id. 11, 3, 26; Sall. C. 7, 5; Ov. M. 10, 554 al.— With ut: “in principe rarum ac prope insolitum est, ut se putet obligatum,Plin. Pan. 60, 6.—With acc. and inf.: “id insolitum esse fieri,Dig. 48, 19, 27.— Adv.: insŏlĭtē , contrary to custom, unusually (late Lat.): “accidere,Aug. Doctr. Christ. 2, 23 fin.
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