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lăbōrĭōsus , a, um, adj. 2. labor,
I.full of labor, laborious.
I. Attended with much labor, laborious, toilsome, wearisome, difficult, troublesome (syn. operosus): “deambulatio,Ter. Heaut. 4, 6, 3: “nihil laboriosius,Cic. Leg. 3, 8, 19: “operum longe maximum ac laboriosissimum,Liv. 5, 19 fin.: si qua laboriosa est (fabula), ad me curritur, difficult to put on the stage, opp. lenis, Ter. Heaut. prol. 44.—
II. Transf.
A. Inclined to labor, laborious, industrious, for the Gr. φιλόπονος (syn.: “impiger, industrius): homines,Cic. Tusc. 2, 15, 35: “bos laboriosissimus hominis socius in agricultura,Col. 6 praef. § 7.—
B. That undergoes much trouble and hardship, troubled, harassed: “quid enim nobis duobus laboriosius?Cic. Mil. 2, 5; id. Phil. 11, 4, 4.—Hence, adv.: lăbōrĭōsē , laboriously, wearisomely, with difficulty, Plaut. Merc. 3, 1, 9; Cels. 5, 17, 2; Cat. 38, 1.—Comp., Cic. Rosc. Com. 11, 31.—Sup.: “laboriosissime,Cic. Div. in Caecil. 21, 71; Suet. Caes. 43 al.
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