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Lycurgus , i, m., = Λυκοῦργος.
I. Son of Dryas, king of the Edones, who prohibited the worship of Bacchus to his subjects, and ordered all the vines to be destroyed, Ov. M. 4, 22; Prop. 4, 16, 23; Stat. Th. 4, 386; Hor. C. 2, 19, 16; Hyg. Fab. 132; 242.—
II. Son of Pheres, a king of Nemea, Stat. Th. 5, 39. —
III. Son of Aleus and Neæra, and father of Ancæus, a king of Arcadia; hence, Ly-curgīdes , ae, m., a male descendant of Lycurgus, i. e. Ancæus, Ov. Ib. 503; and: Lycŏorgīdes , ae, m., the same, Prisc. 584 P.—
IV. The famous lawgiver of the Spartans, Cic. Div. 1, 43, 96; id. Rep. 2, 1; 2, 9, 5 sq.; id. Off. 1, 22, 76; Vell. 1, 6, 3 et saep.—
V. An Athenian orator, the contemporary and friend of Demosthenes, famed for his incorruptible integrity, Cic. Brut. 34, 130; id. de Or. 2, 23, 94.—Transf., for a severe magistrate: “Lycurgos invenisse se praedicabat et Cassios, columina justitiae prisca,Amm. 30, 8, 13.—Hence, Lycur-gēi , ōrum, m., = Λυκούργειοι, disciples of Lycurgus, inflexibly severe: “nosmetipsi, qui Lycurgei a principio fuissemus, cotidie demitigamur,Cic. Att. 1, 13, 3.
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