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Mĕgălē , ēs, f., = Μεγάλη (the great, exalted),
I.a surname of the Magna Mater, Calend. Verrii Fl. in Inscr. Orell. 2, p. 389; v. the foll.—
II. Derivv.
A. Mĕgă-lensis (Mĕgălēsis ), e, adj.
1. Of or belonging to the Magna Mater (only postAug.): “ludorum Megalesium spectaculum,Tac. A. 3, 6 fin.: “ludis Megalensibus,Gell. 2, 24, 1: “Megalensibus sacris,Plin. 7, 37, 37, § 123.—
2. Of or belonging to the Megalesia, Megalesian: “Megalensis purpura,” i. e. the festival dress of the prætor worn at the Megalesia, Mart. 10, 41, 5.—Most freq. in neutr. plur. subst.: Mĕgălensia , or, in the archaic form, Mĕgălēsia , ĭum, n., also Magalesia ludi, the festival in honor of the Magna Mater, celebrated annually on the 4th of April with processions and games: Megalensia, Calend. Praenest. Verrii in Inscr. Orell. 2, p. 388 and 399; cf. Paul. ex Fest. p. 125 Müll.; v. also Müll. ib. p. 400 sq.; and cf. Varr. L. L. 6, § 15 Müll.: “scripsi haec ipsis Megalensibus,Cic. Fam. 2, 11, 2: “pertulere deam (Magnam Matrem) pridie Idus Aprilis: isque dies festus fuit: populus frequens dona deae in Palatium tulit lectisterniumque et ludi fuere, Megalesia appellata,Liv. 29, 14 fin.; cf. id. 36, 36; “Auct. Harusp. 12, 24: Megalesia,Liv. 34, 54: “Megalesia ludi,Ov. F. 4, 357; cf. Quint. 1, 5, 52; Juv. 6, 69.—
B. Mĕgălēsĭăcus , a, um, adj., of or belonging to the Megalesia, Megalesian: “mappae,Juv. 11, 191; Schol. Juv. ib.
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