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mĭlĭārĭus (mill- ), a, um, adj. milium,
I.of or belonging to millet, millet- (ante-class. and post-Aug.): “miliariae (sc. aves) dictae a cibo, quod milio fiant pingues,Varr. L. L. 5, § 76 Müll.: “aves,ortolans, id. R. R. 3, 5: “herba,injurious to millet, Plin. 22, 25, 78, § 161.—
II. Transf., subst.: mĭlĭārĭum (mill- ), ii, n., a short and thick pillar which stood in the centre of the basin of an oil-mill to support the cupa, Cato, R. R. 20; 22.—
B. In baths, a tall and narrow vessel for drawing and warming water, Pall. 1, 40; Sen. Q. N. 3, 24, 2; Paul. Sent. 3, 6, 65.—
C. A cooking-vessel: “miliarium argenteum,Dig. 34, 2, 19, § 12.
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