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milŭīnus (also milvīnus ), a, um, adj. id.,
I.of or belonging to the kite (class.): “plumae,Plin. 37, 10, 60, § 167.—
B. Transf., resembling a kite, kite-like, i. e. rapacious: “ungulae,” i. e. a thief's clutches, Plaut. Ps. 3, 2, 63. pullus, Cic. Q. Fr. 1, 2, 2, § 6: miluinus pes, kite's foot, an herb so called from its resemblance to the foot of a kite, Col. 12, 7, § 1; cf. Plin. 27, 8, 35, § 57.—
II. Subst.: miluīna (milvīna ), ae, f. *
A. (Sc. fames.) A kite's, i. e. a ravenous, appetite, voracity, Plaut. Men. 1, 3, 29 (dub.; Ritschl, bulimam).—
B. (Sc. tibia.) A kind of flute of a very clear tone: miluina genus tibiae acutissimi soni, Paul. ex Fest. p. 123 Müll.; Sol. 5, 19.
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