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Nāĭăs , ădis, and more freq. Nāĭs , ĭdis and ĭdos (plur. ĭdas), f., = Ναϊάς and Ναἱς (floating, swimming, that is in the water),
I.a water-nymph, Naiad: “illum fontana petebant Numina, Naïades,Ov. M. 14, 328: “Aegle Naïadum pulcherrima,Verg. E. 6, 21: “Naïs Amalthēa,Ov. F. 5, 115.—Poet. of mixing wine with water: “Naïda Bacchus amat,Tib. 3, 6, 57.—Adj.: “puellae Naïdes,Verg. E. 10, 10.—
II. Transf., in gen., a nymph (Hamadryad, Nereid): “Naïda vulneribus succidit in arbore factis,Ov. F. 4, 231: “inter Hamadryadas celeberrima Naias,id. M. 1, 691: “Naïdes aequoreae,id. ib. 14, 557.—
III. The surname probably of a freedwoman: “Servilia Naïs,Suet. Ner. 3.— Hence, Nāĭcus , a, um, adj., of the Naids, proceeding from the Naids: “dona,Prop. 2, 32, 40.—
B. As subst.: Nāĭcus , i, m., a Roman surname, Inscr. Grut. 241, col. 2.— In fem.: Nāĭcē , Inscr. Fabr. p. 650, n. 433.
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