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occumbo (obc- ), cŭbui, cŭbĭtum, 3, v. n. ob-cumbo, cubo, fall or sink down (cf.: occido, obeo, oppeto); hence,
I. To go down, to set, of the heavenly bodies (postclass.): “cometes cum oriretur occumberetque,Just. 37, 2, 3: “cum sol occumberet,Vulg. Gen. 15, 12; id. 3 Reg. 22, 36.—
II. To fall dying, to die (the class. signif. of the word); constr. absol. or with mortem, morte, or morti.
(α). Absol.: cum veter occubuit Priamus, fell, Enn. ap. Prisc. p. 607 P. (Ann. v. 17 Vahl.): “aut occubuissem honeste, aut victores hodie viveremus,Cic. Att. 3, 15, 4: pro libertate cos occubuisse, Suet. Aug. 12 fin.: “circa se dimicans occubuerat,id. Tit. 4: “fertur et ante annos occubuisse suos,Ov. A. A. 3, 18: “dederat ne ferro occumbere posset,id. M. 12, 207: “acie,Suet. Ner. 2.—
(β). With mortem or morte (the vacillation of MSS. between these two forms makes it difficult to ascertain which was the prevailing one; cf. Zumpt, Gr. § 387; “Krebs, Antibarb. p. 790): pro patriā mortem (al. morte) occumbere,Cic. Tusc. 1, 42, 102 (Kühner, Moser, Orelli, and Baiter have mortem, Klotz and Fischer morte): “quod liberata patria ... mortem occubuisset,Liv. 2, 7, 8; 3, 50, 8; 26, 25, 14: “qui pugnantes mortem occubuissent,id. 31, 18, 6. —So, too, letum, Enn. ap. Prisc. p. 725 P. (Ann. v. 390 Vahl.): “necem voluntariam,Suet. Aug. 13 (al., with inferior MSS., nece voluntariā): “ictus clavā morte occubuit,Liv. 1, 7, 7 Weissenb. ad loc.: “morte occumbentis,id. 8, 10, 4: “ambo pro republicā morte occubuisse,id. 38, 58.—
(γ). With morti (perh. only poet.): pro vostrā vitā morti occumbant obviam. Enn. ap. Serv. Verg. A. 2, 62 (Trag. v. 176 Vahl.); so, “certae morti, Verg. A. l. l.: neci,Ov. M. 15, 499.—
(δ). To succumb to, fall by the hand of one (poet.).—With dat.: “Rullo ditissimus agri Occumbis,Sil. 5, 260; Claud. B. Get. 74.—With per: “per te vidit Vulcani occumbere prolem,Ov. M. 7, 437. —*
III. Like accumbere, to lie at table, Afran. ap. Non. 97, 29.
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