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opportūnus (obp- ), a, um, adj. obportus, lit., at or before the port; hence,
I. In gen., fit, meet, convenient, suitable, seasonable, opportune (class.; syn.: commodus, utilis): tempus actionis opportunum, Graece εὐκαιρια, Latine appellatur occasio, Cic. Off. 1, 40, 142: “aetas opportunissima,id. Fam. 7, 7, 2: “nihil opportunius accidere vidi,id. ib. 10, 16, 1.—Subst.: op-portūna , ōrum, n., fit or convenient things: “locorum opportuna,Tac. A. 4, 24.—
II. In partic.
A. Advantageous, serviceable, useful: “ceterae res, quae expetuntur, opportunae sunt singulae rebus singulis,Cic. Lael. 6, 22.—
B. Fit, suitable, adapted to any thing: ad omnia haec magis opportunus nemo est, Ter Eun. 5, 8, 47.—
C. Exposed, liable to any thing: “Romanus cedentem hostem effuse sequendo opportunus huic eruptioni fuit,Liv. 6, 24: “injuriae,Plin. 9, 31, 51, § 98: “opportuniora morbis corpora,id. 18, 7, 12, § 68.—Hence, adv.: opportūnē , fitly, seasonably, opportunely (class.), Ter. Ad. 1, 2, 1: “venisse,Cic. N. D. 1, 7, 16: “locus opportune captus ad eam rem,id. Rosc. Am. 24, 68: “opportune, importune,in season and out of season, Vulg. 2 Tim. 4, 2.—Comp.: “opportunius alio loco referemus,Gai. Inst. 2, 97.— Sup.: “nuntiis opportunissime allatis,Caes. B. C. 3, 101; Liv. 32, 18.
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