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ŏb-oedĭo (better than ŏb-ēdĭo , Cic. Rep. 3, 29, 41; Front. Ep. ad Verr. 7 Mai.; id. Fer. Als. 3; cf.: oboedire, obaudire, Paul. ex Fest. p. 187 Müll. and Bramb. s. v.— Ante-class. form of the
I.fut., oboedibo: oboedibo tibi, Afran. ap. Non. 507, 30), īvi or ĭi, ītum, īre, 4, v. n. ob-audio.
I. In gen. (very rare), to give ear, hearken, listen to one: “alicui,Nep. Dat. 5, 4.—
II. Esp.
A. Prop., of living beings (class.).
1. To obey, yield obedience to. to be subject to, to serve (freq. and class.; cf.: pareo, obtempero, obsequor).—With dat.: “parere, et oboedire praecepto,Cic. Tusc. 5, 12, 36: “legi,Nep. Epam. 8, 1: “voluntati,Cic. N. D. 1, 8, 19: “obtemperare et oboedire magistratibus,id. Leg. 3, 2, 5: “qui nobis oboediunt,id. Rep. 3, 29, 41: “impulsu libidinum voluptatibus oboedientium,id. ib. 6, 26, 28: “pecora ventri oboedientia,Sall. C. 1, 1: “multorum oboedire tempori,Cic. Brut. 69, 242.—Impers. pass.: “utrimque enixe oboeditum dictatori est,Liv. 4, 26.—
2. To be obedient in any thing (post-class.).—With acc. of neutr. pron.: “atque haec omnia perfacile oboediebam,App. M. 10, p. 247, 11.— Absol., Suet. Calig. 29.—
B. Meton., of things, to yield, be manageable: “ramus oleae quam maxime sequax, atque oboediturus,yielding, flexible, Plin. 17, 19, 30, § 137.— Hence, ŏboedĭens (ŏbēd- ), entis, P. a.
A. Prop., of living beings, obedient, compliant (freq. and class.).
2. With ad: “ad nova consilia gentem oboedientem habere,Liv. 28, 16.—Particular phrases.
a. Dicto oboedientem esse alicui for dicto audientem esse alicui, to be obedient to one's word or command: “magistro desinebat esse dicto oboediens,Plaut. Bacch. 3, 3, 35; cf.: “nec plebs nobis dicto audiens atque oboediens sit,Liv. 38, 7. —
b. Omnia secunda et oboedientia sunt, according to your wishes, Sall. J. 14, 19.—
3. Absol.: “cujus vis omnis in consensu oboedientium esset,the obedient, Liv. 2, 59, 4.—
B. Transf., of things, yielding, manageable: “oboedientissima quocumque in opere fraxinus,” i. e. easily wrought, Plin. 16, 43, 83, § 228.—Hence, adv.: ŏboedĭ-enter , obediently, willingly, readily (a favorite word of Livy; elsewh. very rare): conferre tributum, Liv. 5, 12: “facere imperata,id. 21, 34: “facere adversus aliquem,id. 39, 53.—Comp.: “nihil oboedientius fecerunt, quam, etc.,Liv. 38, 34.—Sup.: oboedientissime paruit, Aug. Civ. Dei, 22, 8.
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