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prĕcārĭus , a, um, adj. id.,
I.obtained by begging, entreaty, or prayer (opp. debitus and pro imperio; not freq. till the Aug. per.; perh. used by Cic. only adverbially; v. infra).
II. Transf., depending on the will of another, doubtful, uncertain, transient, precarious: “forma,Ov. M. 9, 76: “sapiens corpus suum, seque ipsum inter precaria numerat,precarious, uncertain, transitory things, Sen. Tranq. 11, 1: fulgor, passing quickly by, very transient, Symm. Or. ap. Val. 1, 6.— Hence, adv.: prĕcārĭō , by entreaty or request (class.): “hoc petere me precario a vobis jussit,Plaut. Am. prol. 24: “cum aliquo agere precario,id. Truc. 4, 1, 12: “vel vi vel clam vel precario,Ter. Eun. 2, 3, 28: “si precario essent rogandi,Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 23, § 59: “exegit,Suet. Claud. 12: “praefuit,on sufferance, Tac. Agr. 16: “precario studeo,am obliged, as it were, to beg time for study, Plin. Ep. 7, 30, 4: “precario possidere,by sufferance, Paul. Sent. 5, 6, 11: “ancillam quis precario rogaverit,Dig. 43, 26, 10.
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