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prō-cūdo , di, sum, 3, v. a., fashion or make by hammering, to forge a thing.
2. Transf., in gen., to bring forth, produce: “ignem,Lucr. 2, 1115: “prolem propagando,id. 5, 856.—
B. Trop., to form, cultirate (rare but class.): legendo et scribendo vitam procudito, Varr. ap. Non. 156, 28: “non solum acuenda nobis, neque procudenda lingua est, sed, etc.,Cic. de Or. 3, 30, 121: “ingenium,Amm. 15, 2, 8.—
2. Transf., in gen., to forge, contrive, bring forth, produce (ante-class.): haec mihi incus est; procudam ego hinc hodie multos dolos, to forge artifices, Plaut. Ps. 2, 2, 20: “voluptatem,Lucr. 3, 1081.
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