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prŏpinquo , āvi, ātum, 1, v. a. and n. propinquus.
I. Act., to bring near, bring on, hasten, accelerate (poet.): “tu rite propinques Augurium,Verg. A. 10, 254: “mortem,Sil. 2, 281.—
II. Neutr., to draw near, come nigh, approach (mostly poet. and in post-Aug. prose for appropinquo); with dat. or acc.
A. Of persons.
(α). With dat.: “scopulo propinquat,Verg. A. 5, 185: “fluvio,id. ib. 6, 384: “ripae,id. ib. 6, 410.—
(β). With acc.: “amnem, Sall. Fragm. ap. Arus. Mess. p. 254 Lindem. (H. 4, 62 Dietsch): campos,Tac. A. 12, 13 init.—Absol.: “armis,Stat. Th. 10, 385.—
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