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prō-rēpo , psi, ptum, 3, v. n., creep forth, crawl out, come out in a gradual or unobserved manner (poet. and in post-Aug. prose).
II. Transf.
A. To creep along, crawl forwards to a place: “rumore caedis exterritus prorepsit ad solarium proximum,Suet. Claud. 10.—
B. Of inanimate subjects, to come forth gradually, to put forth, to ooze out, exude, of the vine: “prorepentes oculi,Col. 11, 2, 38; 3, 10, 3: “pampinus e duro prorepsit,id. 4, 22, 4: “tardaque sudanti prorepunt balsama ligno, Claud. Nupt. Honor. et Mar. 96: ne palmites libero excursu in luxuriam prorepant,Col. 5, 5, 13: “umor lente prorepit,gradually flows off, id. 2, 16, 5: “nervus prorepit usque ad ultimam partem caudae,extends, id. 7, 12, 14.
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