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Pēligni or Paeligni , ōrum, m.,
I.a people of Central Italy, contiguous to the Frentani and Marrucini, descendants of the Sabines, in the mod. Abruzzo citeriore, Caes. B. C. 1, 15; Liv. 8, 6; 9, 41 sq.; “Niebuhr, Gesch. 1, p. 100 sq.: in Pelignos proficisci,into the Pelignian territory, Liv. 8, 6.—
B. The country of the Peligni: “in Pelignis,Plin. 11, 14, 14, § 33.—Hence,
II. Pēlig-nus , a, um, adj., of or belonging to the Peligni, Pelignian: Peligna cohors, Enn. ap. Charis. p. 251 P. (Ann. v. 280 Vahl.): “miles,Ov. F. 3, 95: “frigora,Hor. C. 3, 19, 8: Peligni ruris alumnus, i. e. Ovid, who was born in the Pelignian city of Sulmo, Ov. Am. 3, 15, 3; cf. id. ib. 3, 15, 8: Pelignae anus, i. e. sorceresses (because the Pelignians, as neighbors of the Marsians, were reputed to practise sorcery), Hor. Epod. 17, 60.
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