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Pandīon , ŏnis, m., = Πανδίων.
I. A king of Athens, father of Progne and Philomela, Hyg. Fab. 48; Ov. M. 6, 426; 676: “Pandionis populus,” i. e. the Athenians, Lucr. 6, 1143: “Pandione nata,” i. e. Progne, Ov. M. 6, 634.—Transf., for the nightingale, Ov. P. 1, 3, 39: “Cecropiae Pandionis arces,Mart. 1, 26, 3.—Hence,
B. Pandīŏnĭus , a, um, adj., Pandionian: “Pandioniae Athenae,Ov. M. 15, 430: “Pandionia Orithyia,the sister of Pandion, Prop. 1, 20, 31: “res Pandioniae,the Athenian state, Claud. IV. Cons. Honor. 506: “arces,the citadel of Athens, id. Rapt. Pros. 2, 19; “also called mons,Stat. Th. 2, 720: “volucres,the nightingale and the swallow, Sen. Octav. 8: “cavea,the Athenian theatre, Sid. Carm. 23, 137.—
II. A son of Jupiter and Luna, Hyg. Fab. praef.
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