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prae-cēdo , cessi, cessum, 3, v. a. and n., go before, precede (seems not to occur in Cic., Nep., Tac., or Sall.; once in Cæs.; syn.: antecedo, anteverto).
I. Act., to go before, precede a person or thing.
II. Neutr., to go before, precede, lead the way (class.).
2. Of inanim. subjects: “fama loquax praecessit ad aures, Deïanira, tuas,Ov. M. 9, 137: “umbra,id. ib. 5, 614; “Plin 31, 6, 33, § 64: nullā praecedente injuriā,without previous injury, id. 11, 37, 55, § 149.—
B. Transf., to be older: “decem et octo annis,Just. Inst. 1, 11, 4.—
C. Trop., to surpass, excel; with the dat. (ante-class.): “ut vostrae fortunae meis praecedunt longe,Plaut. As. 3, 3, 39.
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