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quŏtus , a, um, adj. quot,
I.which or what in number, order, etc.; of what number, how many (class.): “quotus erit iste denarius, qui non sit ferendus?Cic. Verr. 2, 3, 94, § 220: “scire velim, chartis pretium quotus arroget annus,Hor. Ep. 2, 1, 35: “quota pars illi rerum periere mearum,Ov. M. 7, 522: hora quota est? what o'clock is it? (prop. what is the number of the hour?), Hor. S. 2, 6, 44: “scis, quota de Libyco litore puppis eat,how many ships, Mart. 9, 36, 8: tu, quotus esse velis, rescribe, of what number you wish to be, i. e. how many guests you would like to have invited with you, Hor. Ep. 1, 5, 30: pars quota laudis, how great, i. e. how very small, Ov. Am. 2, 12, 9: “quota pars terraï,Lucr. 6, 652; Ov. M. 9, 69; Curt. 5, 5, 14.—In connection with quisque (also in one word, quŏtusquisque ) to designate a small number, how few; it may also be rendered into English by how many (in Cic. only in nom. and in principal clause): quotus enim quisque philosophorum invenitur, qui sit ita moratus, ut ratio postulat? how many? i. e. how few! Cic. Tusc. 2, 4, 11: “quotus enim quisque disertus? quotus quisque juris peritus est?id. Planc. 25, 62: “quoto cuique lorica est?Curt. 9, 3, 11; Plin. Ep. 3, 20, 8: “forma quota quaeque superbit?Ov. A. A. 3, 103: “quotum quemque inveneris, qui, etc.,Tac. Or. 29: “nam quoto cuique eadem honestatis cura secreto, quae palam?Plin. Ep. 3, 20, 8: “repete memoriā tecum quotus quisque dies ut destinaveras recesserit,Sen. Brev. Vit. 3, 3: “quoto quoque loco libebit,in whatsoever place one may wish, Auct. Her. 3, 17, 30.
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