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-sisto , stĭti, 3, v. n.
I. To stand back, remain standing anywhere (cf. resideo); to stand still, halt, stop, stay; to stay behind, remain, continue (class.; less freq. than consistere).
b. Transf., of things: “sidus nusquam resistens,Sen. Q. N. 1, praef. med.: “rota,id. Med. 744: “proluvies ventris,Col. 6, 7, 4.—
II. To withstand, oppose, resist; to make opposition or resistance (so most freq.; cf.: repugno, adversor).
A. Esp. in milit. lang., constr. usu. with dat. or absol.
(β). Absol.: “resistere neque deprecari,Caes. B. G. 4, 7; 2, 23; 4, 12; “5, 7 et saep.: acerrime,id. ib. 7, 62: “audacius,id. ib. 2, 26: “fortiter,id. ib. 3, 21: “fortissime,id. ib. 4, 12: “aegre,id. B. C. 3, 63: “caeco Marte resistunt,Verg. A. 2, 335: “nihil de resistendo cogitabat,Caes. B. C. 2. 34: ibi resistere ac propulsare, Sall. J. 51, 1: “nedum resistendi occasionem fuerit habiturus,Curt. 7, 4, 4.— Impers. pass.: “ab nostris eādem ratione quā pridie resistitur,Caes. B. G. 5, 40; so, “resisti,id. ib. 1, 37; id. B. C. 3, 63.—
III. To rise again (very rare, and only trop.; syn. resurgo): post ex fluvio fortuna resistet, Enn. ap. Cic. Div. 1, 20, 40 (Ann. v. 47 Vahl.): “nihil est jam, unde nos reficiamus, aut ubi lapsi resistamus,we can raise ourselves up, rise again, Cic. Mur. 39, 84.
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