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-clūdo , si, sum, 3,
I.v.a. [claudo], to shut off, shut in a separate place, to shut up, seclude (rare but class.; syn.: secerno, sejungo).
I. Lit.: incientes (oves) secludere, to shut up, confine, Varr, R. R. 2, 2, 8; Stat. Achill. 1, 359: “illuc eum rapiam, ubi non seclusa aliqua aquula teneatur, sed unde universum flumen erumpat,confined streamlets, Cic. de Or. 2, 39, 162: “carmina antro seclusa relinquit,Verg. A. 3, 446.—Poet. mid.: ille sub extremā pendens secluditur alā, shuts himself off, i. e. protects himself, Prop. 1, 20, 29.—
II. Trop. *
A. To shut off, seclude: “a libero spiritu atque a communi luce seclusum,Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 9, § 23.—
B. To separate, remove: corpore vitam, * Plaut. Rud. 1, 4, 1: secludite curas, shut out, exclude, i. q. excludite, Verg. A. 1, 562 Serv.—Hence, sēclūsus , a, um, P. a., sundered, separated, remote, secluded: “his devium quoddam iter esse seclusum a concilio deorum,Cic. Tusc. 1, 30, 72: “seclusum nemus,Verg. A. 6, 704.—Absol.: “in secluso,in a remote, secluded place, Varr. R. R. 3, 5, 6.—Comp., sup., and adv. do not occur.
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