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sīpărĭum , ii, n. kindr. with supparum, from σίπαρος, orig. a little sail; hence, transf.,
I. The smaller curtain in a theatre (drawn up between the scenes of a comedy; cf. “aulaeum, the main curtain): aulaeo subducto et complicitis sipariis, scena disponitur,App. M. 10, p. 253, 23; 1, p. 106, 4: “post siparium,” i. e. behind the scenes, Cic. Prov. Cons. 6, 14; Juv. 8, 186.—
2. Meton., comedy (opp. cothurnus, tragedy): “(verba) cothurno, non tantum sipario fortiora,Sen. Tranq. 11, 6.—
II. A curtain or screen over the judges' seats to keep off the sun, Quint. 6, 1, 32 Spald.; 6, 3, 72.
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