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Sălĭi , ōrum, m. 2. salio; hence, prop., the Leapers, Jumpers,
I.a college of priests at Rome dedicated by Numa to the service of Mars, who, armed and bearing the ancilia (v. ancile), with songs and dances, made solemn processions every year, in the first half of March, about the city and its sacred places. Their songs, being in an obsolete language, were almost unintelligible in the class. per.: “Salii a salitando, quod facere in Comitio in sacris quotannis et solent et debent,Varr. L. L. 5, § 85 Müll.; cf. Ov. F. 3, 260 sq.; Liv. 1, 20; Fest. s. h. v. p. 326 Müll.; id. s. v. axamenta, p. 3 ib.; Cic. Rep. 2, 14, 26; id. de Or. 3, 51, 197: “Saliūm,Hor. C. 1, 36, 12; 4, 1, 28; Verg. A. 8, 663; Quint. 1, 6, 40; 1, 10, 20; Val. Max. 1, 1, 9; Capitol. M. Aur. 4.—In Tibur such Salii were priests of Hercules, Serv. Verg. A. 8, 285; Macr. S. 3, 12; cf. Inscr. Orell. 2249; 2761; and v. axamenta; “hence also in Virg. (ubertate doctrinae altioris,Macr. 1.1.), introduced as priests of Hercules, Verg. A. 8, 285.—There were also in Alba such Salii, Inscr. Orell. 2247 and 2248.—In sing.: “SALIVS,Inscr. Orell. 2242 sq.—Hence, -lĭus , a, um, adj.
1. Of or belonging to the Salii: “Salias virgines Cincius ait esse conducticias, quae ad Salios adhibeantur, cum apicibus paludatas, quas Aelius Stilo scripsit sacrificium facere in regiā cum pontifice paludatas cum apicibus in modum Saliorum,Fest. p. 329 Müll.; cf. Marquardt 1. 1. p. 374.—
2. (=Saliaris, II.) Sumptuous: “Saliae (sc. epulae),App. M. 4, 22.
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