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subscriptĭo , ōnis, f. subscribo.
I. Any thing written underneath, a subscription (class.).
B. In partic.
1. Jurid. t. t., a subscription to an accusation: “si cui crimen obiciatur, praecedere debet in crimen subscriptio, quae res ad id inventa est, ne facile quis prosiliat ad accusationem, cum sciat inultam sibi non futuram,Dig. 48, 2, 7: “componere,Sen. Ben. 3, 26, 2: “consecratur subscriptio,id. Cons. ad Marc. 22, 5: “edere,id. Lud. Mort. Claud. 14, 1; id. Apoc. 14, 1; Gell. 2, 4, 1: “tanti sceleris,Quint. Decl. 15, 6.—Also of a joint subscription, by one who seconds the accusation (cf. subscribo, I. B. 1.): “subscriptionem sibi postularunt,Cic. Div. in Caecil. 15, 49.—
2. Publicists' t. t., of the censor, a noting down, note of the offence censured: “subscriptio censoria,Cic. Clu. 44, 123: “censoriae,id. ib. 44, 123; cf. id. ib. 42, 118.—
3. A signature of a document (consisting of the subscription of one's name or the appending of a formula of greeting; “v. subscribo, I. B. 3.): si testator specialiter subscriptione suā declaraverit, dictasse, etc.,Dig. 48, 10, 15: “quodcumque imperator per epistolam et subscriptionem statuit, legem esse constat,ib. 1, 4, 1: “cum Rhodiorum magistratus, quod litteras publicas sine subscriptione ad se dederant, evocasset, etc.,Suet. Tib. 32 Wolf (cf. Dio, 57, 11).—
4. Hence, a warrant of the emperor (late Lat.), Amm. 15, 7, 9.—*
II. A list, register: “jugerum subscriptio ac professio,Cic. Verr 2, 3, 47, § 113.
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