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tăbernārĭus , a, um, adj. id.,
I.of or belonging to booths or shops, used to denote any thing low, common: “blanditiae,App. Mag. p. 229, 3: “fabulae,a low kind of comedy, Diom. p. 487 P.; Fest. s. v. togatarum, p. 352 Müll. —
II. Hence, subst.
1. -bernārĭi , ōrum, m., shopkeepers, small dealers, Inscr. Orell. 1368: “opifices et tabernarios atque illam omnem faecem civitatum quid est negotii concitare?Cic. Fl. 8, 18: “concitator tabernariorum,id. Dom. 5, 13; (with aquarii) Cael. ap. Cic. Fam. 8, 6, 4. —
2. tăbernārĭa , ae, the hostess of a tavern, Novell. Martian, § 4; cf. Schol. Juv. 8, 162; Isid. 15, 2, 43.
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