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Vălentĭa , ae, f.,
I.the name of several towns.
I. A town of the Editani, in Hispania Tarraconensis, now Valencia, Mel. 2, 6, 6; Sall. H. 2, 18 al.
II. A town of Gallia Narbonensis, now Valence, Plin. 3, 4, 5, § 36. —
III. Vibo Valentia (called also simply Vibo or Vibon), a town in the territory of the Bruttii, now Monteleone, Mel. 2, 4, 9.— Hence. Vălentīni , ōrum, m., the inhabitants of Valentia, Cic. Verr. 2, 5, 16, § 40. —
IV. A name given to the southern part of Scotland, in honor of the emperor Valentinian, Amm. 28, 3, 7.—
V. A translation of Gr. Ῥώμη, an ancient name of Rome, Sol. 1.
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