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Vălĕrĭus (old form Vălĕsĭus , acc. to Fest. s. v. Aureliam, p. 23 Müll.; v. letter R), i, m.; Vălĕrĭa , ae, f.,
I.the name of a Roman gens.
I. The favorite of the people, P. Valerius Publicola, Liv. 1, 58; 2, 2; 2, 8; Cic. Rep. 2, 31, 55; id. Leg. 2, 23, 58: “Laevinum, Valerī genus,Hor. S. 1, 6, 12.—
II. The historian, Q. Valerius Antias, Gell. 1, 7, 10.—
III. The poets C. Valerius Flaccus and M. Valerius Martialis, Plin. Ep. 3, 21. —
IV. The writer of Memorabilia, Valerius Maximus, al.—As adjj.
1. Vălĕrĭus , a, um, of or belonging to a Valerius: “gens,Cic. Fl. 1, 1; 11, 25: lex, of the interrex L. Valerius Flaccus, id. Agr. 3, 2, 6; id. Rosc. Am. 43, 125; of the Consul suffectus, 668 A. U. C., L. Valerius Flaccus, id. Font. 1: tabula, a place in the forum beside the Curia Hostilia (so called from the tablet erected there in memory of M. Valerius Maximus Messala, consul 491 A. U. C., victorious in Gaul, Schol. Bob. ad Cic. Vatin. p. 318 Orell.), Cic. Fam. 14, 2, 2; id. Vatin. 9, 21.—
2. Vălĕrĭānus , a, um, of or belonging to a Valerius, Valerian: praedatores, Sall. Fragm. ap. Non. 553, 24.
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