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adventīcĭus (not -tĭus ), a, um, adj. advenio,
I.that is present by coming, coming from abroad, foreign, strange (extrinsecus ad nos perveniens non nostrum, aut nostro labore paratum, Ern. Clav. Cic.; opp. proprius, innatus, insitus, etc.; in Cic. very freq., elsewhere rare).
I. In gen.: “genus (avium),Varr. R. R. 3, 5, 7 (cf. advena): “Mithridates magnis adventiciis copiis juvabatur,Cic. Imp. Pomp. 9, 24; so, “auxilium,Cic. Verr. 2, 4, 37: “externus et adventicius tepor,id. N. D. 2, 10: “externa atque adventicia visio,proceeding from the senses, id. Div. 2, 58, 128: “doctrina transmarina et adventicia,id. de Or. 3, 33: “dos,given by another than the father, Dig. 23, 3, 5.—
II. Esp.
A. That is added to what is customary, or happens out of course, unusual, extraordinary: “fructus,Liv. 8, 28; so, “casus,Dig. 40, 9, 6. —
B. That is acquired without one's own effort: adventicia pecunia, obtained, not from one's own possessions, but by inheritance, usury, presents, etc., Cic. Inv. 2, 21; id. Rab. Post. 17: “humor adventicius,rain, Varr. R. R. 1, 41, 3: “adventiciae res,Sen. ad Helv. 5.—
C. That pertains to arrival (adventus): “adventicia cena,a banquet given on one's arrival, Suet. Vit. 13 (cf. adventorius).—Adv. phrase: ex adventicio, from without, extrinsically: “quidquid est hoc, quod circa nos ex adventicio fulget, liberi, honores, etc.,Sen. Consol. ad Marc. 10.
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