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auctumnus (correctly aut- ), i, m. (autumnum , i, n., Varr.ap.Non.p.71, 20). [This word was anciently referred to augeo, as the season of
I.increase, as by Paul. ex Fest. p. 23, 11 Müll.; so Curtius. But Corssen and others, in view of its correct form, autumnus, refer it to the Sanscr. av, to do good to, to satisfy one's self; cf. the Gr. ἐνηνής (i.e. ἐνηϝής), good, kindly, and 2.aveo, to be well.] The season of abundance, the autumn.
I. Lit. (from the 22d of September to the 22d of December; “acc. to the designation of the ancients, from the entering of the sun into Libra until the setting of the Pleiades, comprising 91 days,Varr. R. R. 1, 28): “quae temporis quasi naturam notant, hiems, ver, aestas, autumnus,Cic. Part. Or. 11: “Vites autumno fundi suadente videmus,Lucr. 1, 175: “Inde autumnus adit,id. 5, 743: “pomifer,Hor. C. 4, 7, 11: “varius purpureo colore,id. ib. 2, 5, 11: “sordidus calcatis uvis,Ov. M. 2, 29: letifer, sickly (on account of the diseases that prevail in autumn), Juv. 4, 56: “sub autumno,Ov. A. A. 2, 315: “autumno adulto,about the middle of autumn, Tac. A. 11, 31: “vergente,drawing to a close, id. ib. 11, 4: “flexus autumni,id. H. 5, 23 al.—In plur.: “Frustra per autumnos nocentem Corporibus metuemus Austrum,Hor. C. 2, 14, 15; Ov. M. 1, 117; 3, 327.—*
II. Meton., the produce of the autumn, the harvest: “et multa fragrat testa senibus autumnis, i. e. vino vetere,Mart. 3, 58, 7.
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